Multi-Functional Furniture for Small Condos

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Multi-functional furniture is perfect for those who live in small condo or apartment quarters. An item like a wall bed that also functions as a hidden desk is a perfect investment and is guaranteed to give the homeowner more space to enjoy and savour. Here are some solid reasons why multi-functional furniture is absolutely worth it for city-dwellers:
First and foremost, a dual-purpose item is less hassle and will inevitably be easier to clean. Kill two birds with one stone with an item like a Spaceformer Murphy Bed with a desk! You will spend just half of the time cleaning out the nooks and crannies that you would in cleaning two bulky items.

Save a ton of space! Instead of reserving space in an already tight room for multiple furniture pieces, rest assured knowing that you are getting a two-for-one combo that takes up a fraction of the space.

Usually, dual-purpose furniture is less expensive – a major bonus. Instead of breaking the bank and purchasing both a bed and a desk, combine the effort and save for other more exciting home decor items.

Finally, find the unit that perfectly suits your needs. Spaceformer offers a variety of different models and extra storage cabinets, making it easy for you to find the model that perfectly suits your unique needs.
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Moving from a large home to a small condo or apartment in the city can be extremely daunting and, frankly, rather headache-inducing. Here are a few expert recommended tips and tricks to help during the transitional period:

  1. Make tough decisions about what to keep and what you don’t need. Only bring furniture and other large items that are an absolutely non-negotiable necessity. Things become too congested when people cannot part with meaningless clutter. Don't turn into a hoarder.
  2. Plan ahead! The sooner, the better. Experts recommend getting organized for a downsize move at least three months ahead in order to ensure less stress and commotion.
  3. Look at the floor plan and measure in advance. Be meticulous about detail so that the new living space is both attractive and functional.
  4. Always be thinking about purpose and function. Nothing in a small home should be without meaning. Every item should be able to be used and missed if not available.
  5. Think multi-purpose. Items that can be used for a number of different things are absolutely ideal, especially within small bedroom spaces. 
Start planning your big downsize today and leave the worry behind. All it takes is a few simple organizational steps that will help get you to where you need to be in the end. Research online design portfolios today! 


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